Structural Inspection Station


In order to become a Type 6 MVIS, you must fill out an MTO application form, and your facility must be successfully inspected by an MTO inspector to ensure that you meet or exceed the license requirements.

You must have: Satisfactory documentation of:

1) Business registration, for single proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. Must include names, addresses and driver's licence numbers for all owners of the business.

2) Proof that premises are owned or leased by the applicant.

3) Proof of compliance with all local municipal by-laws, eg. municipal business licence, a letter from the municipality, etc.

4) Valid trade certificate as an Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer for the technician, (310-B, 310-F, or 310-I) as well as name, address and driver's licence information.

A Type 6 MVIS licence is $50.00 / year, and the registration fee for each technician is $14.00 per year. A book of 10 Structural Inspection Certificates is $50.00, and this price includes 15 Rebuilt Vehicle Parts Audit Forms at no cost.